Xotic EP Booster – keeping it on


The EP Booster by Xotic USA is one of those pedals that you had no idea you wanted or needed, but you can’t live without it once you try it.

It’s a semi-clean boost with some nice magic sparkle that is inspired by the classic echoplex echo machine used by Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen and others. It adds thickness to your sound and a bit of grit when turned up. I bought it for a boost to my leads, but found that I hated my guitar sound when this pedal was off. So, I leave it on all the time and I boost my solos in other ways. The other nice thing about this pedal is the big gain knob on top. When I play live and find that I need a little bit more/less volume, I can easily adjust it with my foot.

Once you step on the EP Booster, you’ll feel the thickness, which has enough brightness to cut through but not too much to make it sound fizzy or thin. It is nice on clean and dirty channels and most amps I tried it on have reacted very well to it.

There are a couple of switches inside the box, which let you make minor eq adjustments. I run mine after my dirt boxes, but it can be put in the front of the chain as well. Experiment, and you’ll find the right home for it. There are some that have two (maybe more) EP boosters placed in different points of their pedal chain, using it for various applications.

Every since I got one, I can’t play without it. When I fly to out of town gigs and can’t take my board, the EP booster is one of three or four pedals I always take (the others being a delay, a wah, and a dirt box).

Visit Xotic USA, check out the videos, read the testimonials, or just go buy this pedal and others (they make other lovely pedals too, the AC booster, RC booster, BB Preamp, and more. All are amazing).

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