Guthrie Govan – a guitarist’s guitarist

Guthrie Govan is definitely a guitarist’s guitarist. He currently plays in a trio called the Aristocrats, playing a combination of jazz fusion, rock, blues and shred. The fluidity of his playing is something that really stands out. He moves from smooth slow runs to lightning speed flurry  with complete mastery of scales and rhythms. He has such control of the fretboard that it makes it so much fun to watch him play, whether it’s on video or live. Check out the Aristocrats live album or the new album Culture Clash, released in July of this year.

Aristocrats | Culture Clash [DELUXE EDITION] Aristocrats | Boing, We’ll Do It Live! The Aristocrats

Allen Hinds – Smooth and tasty

Allen Hinds has a very smooth style, mixing jazz, blues and rock. He has that elusive touch that many guitar players seek but never find. Allen is known for his legato style and very smooth tone. He performs live and does session work for various acts, and is on staff at “Musician’s Institute”. Check out his solo cds. My favorite is his latest release, Monkeys and Slides.

Richie Kotzen – few can sing and play this well

Richie Kotzen is an amazing guitar player and singer. He’s played in Poison, Mr. Big, and has been recording and touring as a solo artist for years. Currently, he has joined forces with Billy Sheehan on bass and Mike Portnoy on drums to form the supergroup, the Winery Dogs. Their first album was released last July, and it’s simply amazing. Few people on this planet can play and sing this proficiently with such soul and passion. Check out his finger-picking style on the solo of this song. It’s very tasty and inspiring.

The Winery Dogs – Get the album!!!